A lot of folks think Lil Nas X is just gay for clout.

LNX encourages this by sometimes suggesting he’s fake gay.

However, during his Carpool Karaoke session with James Cordon, he fully embraced his homosexuality, bragging about all the famous men he’s banged through the famous people dating app Raya. [Jump to three minutes.]

[embedded content]

 “I used to use Raya,” LNX said. “I think I stopped using Raya… It just like, fell off for me and I just started to meet people in person. And Raya is just very famous, everyone’s famous on there. I’ve met quite a few famous guys. I think I’ve come to know that I don’t like dating famous people.”

LNX added that some of the famous men he’s hooked up with have appeared on Carpool Karaoke.

Who do you think he’s talking about?


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