Kanye West is being sued by two Black women who were fired from his Donda Academy.

They say they were the only two Black teachers employed at Ye’s Christian Academy and they were let go because of their race and because they complained about the numerous health and safety violations at the school.

According to the suit, the children were only allowed to eat sushi off the floor without utensils.  All other outside food besides water was banned.  There were no chairs or individual desks in the classroom.  The students sat on cushions on the floor and the teachers stood.  The second floor of the school was unoccupied because Ye was afraid of stairs.  The students were required to wear black from head to toe and were banned from wearing any Nike or Adidas.

The suit says the school didn’t have a janitor or a school nurse and that the students’ medication was stored in an improper manner.

The students were locked in the school during the day and no one was allowed to wear jewelry because Ye didn’t like jewelry.

The suit claims the school had no lesson plans, there were multiple instances of students assaulting the teachers, and that the teachers often didn’t get their full paychecks.


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