Emerging rapper and recording artist Just.InTime aka Just.InTime.1Kings shares new singles as he boldly steps into 2023. As usual, sharing love and faith, Just.InTime is unafraid to experiment with new sounds and features of subgenres, lending his pieces authenticity and uniqueness, unlike anything you’ve heard before. “Both songs are inspired by the artist’s deeply rooted faith in God and his intention to share positive thoughts and feelings of love,” reads a review of “Owner” & “deadawayfromYOU”. 

Having been through many difficulties and emerged victorious thanks to his faith in God, Just.InTime has made it his mission to share these thoughts with people, inspiring them in any way he can. After an enlightening experience, it has been Justin’s ultimate goal to put God above all else and to spread this love to people through his incredible music. Just.InTime is determined to show the world his talent and is about to sweep the music scene off its feet.

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