Image via John Vanderslice/Instagram

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John Vanderslice‘s new record, CRYSTALS 3.0, is out on April 14.

For nearly 20 years, John Vanderslice has been making some of this generation’s most unique singer/songwriter music. With an emphasis on experimentation and influenced by the effects of LSD, the lead single for his forthcoming album, CRYSTALS 3.0, “Crystals 26,” is both a new adventure and a continuation of his artistic palette. Over acoustic guitar and distorted, underwater-like noise, Vanderslice sings in a familiar warble with soothing melodies. As a fellow hip-hop head, he also created a playlist for the site along with the following note:

For the previous 6 years, I’ve made 4-5 hour rap playlists on Spotify. Last year was the first year I fell off: I’m just too busy recording to spend the overwhelming amounts of time scouring the web to find cool shit. We need guides in this life! There’s too much out there right now, and lots of amazing stuff does not get amplified.

Rap has been the most rewarding and important musical current in my life and it has challenged and altered my own relationship with writing.

Jeff Weiss has been a very key curator for me discovering new music and for that I am eternally grateful!!!

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