Frank Ocean’s first weekend Coachella set– his first live show since 2017 — flopped.

Then he canceled his second-weekend show, citing a broken ankle that nobody believes is broken.

Joe Budden thinks he’s scamming because he’s scammed before.

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“Frank Ocean is a scammer,” Budden said. “He’s a scammer for the way he got out of his Universal contract. I think most of the scams are genius. He’ll always wear the scammer tag for me. That f*cked up a lot of artists, he didn’t care. Lost a lot of artist revenue streams, took Apple out the game, he didn’t care. But I’m not so mad at that. Apple exclusive deals where Apple comes and pays a sh*t-ton of money to come have the project exclusive to Apple for a week, two weeks, something like that. Frank Ocean was in his Def Jam contract so he could not do that. He had one album left to deliver to Def Jam and they had a hard time negotiating around that.  It’s rumored that Apple gave Frank Ocean the money to give Def Jam to even everything out and handed them an album, and then he was out of that deal. But then the very next day, he put out the other album on Apple.”

In addition to ruining the Apple exclusive bag for everyone else and punking out on Coachella, Joe believes artists like Ocean, who go years between projects, are shady.

What do you think?


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