Joe Budden likes nothing more than to mock Logic.

Logic has given Joe some pretty good material.

In a recent interview, Logic — who’s biracial — described how his mom — who is white — once got stabbed for dropping n-bombs.

“I moved because my mom got stabbed,” Logic said.. “Yeah, she was in the park, hit the hard ‘r’ on somebody, which she also did to me and my siblings all the time. She stepped out and thought it was all good and some bitch just yanked her up … They stabbed this bitch up. In her side and in her back. A couple of times. Yeah, that’s my mom.”

Budden was delighted to play that clip on his show.

[embedded content]

What’s that about? That’s weird. Why you snitching on moms,” Budden said, laughing.

Then Joe turned to Logic’s relationship with his dad.  Like his mom, Logic’s dad has struggled with drug abuse.  In the past, Logic had been wary of his father and his financial requests.  But he recently switched up and signed pops to his label.

It’s a move Budden likened to slavery.

“When he paraded his dad everywhere on a leash, I didn’t say nothing, but I did think it was odd.  Then he signed his dad… seems familiar. That was the trend, like, 600 years ago. Getting paperwork on these n*ggas,” Budden quipped.

Is Joe being unfair to Logic?  It sounds like he had a pretty rough upbringing.


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