Jermaine Dupri used to be a dancer for Whodini as a kid, so he’s been in the Hip Hop game for most of his life.

That means he’s seen a lot of changes and sometimes criticizes the culture. Like when he recently said that it needs reviving.

Some have shot back at the So So Def founder as a result and it seems that he’s been called irrelevant by some. So, JD responded on the I Am Athlete podcast.

” I done heard n*ggas say, ‘JD ain’t relevant no more,’” he said. “I’ve had a hit record every year that you can think of, you just don’t even really realize it.”

JD then ran down some of those records to prove his point.

“DVSN – ‘If I Get Caught,'” he specified. “Ari Lennox, ‘Pressure.’ 2020 was Usher and Ella Mai. By the way, if you from the rap world and you listening to only trap music, then you gon’ be like, ‘JD ain’t made no music.’ Cause you ain’t listening to R&B music. You don’t know. Matter fact, I left something out. I put out Anthony Hamilton album last year … So I’m saying, if you not really into what’s going on, you might have missed it. So you can say what you want to say, but that’s a reckless statement for you to put it out there unless you know what’s happening.”

How would you describe JD’s place in Hip Hop and music these days?


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