Who knew that keeping it gangster could cost you $3200? Unfortunately, a Jeopardy contestant by the name Nick learned the hard way.

Not only did Nick lose the $1,600 he initially received for the answer, he lost another $1,600 for the answer being incorrect.

Jeopardy issued a statement regarding their ruling: “Although Nick’s response “Gangster’s Paradise Lost” was initially accepted, the hard R sound caught the ear one member the onstage team, who immediately followed up with a quick check. It turns out that “gangsta” and “gangster” are both listed separately in the Oxford English Dictionary, each with its own unique definition. Nick changed not only the song’s title, but also its meaning ­– making his response unacceptable.”

More pro that replacing the ‘a’ with  ‘er’ will always cost you more than you can handle.

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