“I would have to get his permission first though,” Jay Electronica said.

Jay Electronica has teased the possibility of fans getting to hear Act II: The Patents of Nobility (The Turn) with Kanye West‘s guest verses.

In his Discord channel, the rapper said that he might post the album on the channel “w the Kanye verses and all” under two conditions: “if enough folks want it” and only after he gets approval from West.

“I would have to get his permission first though,” he said Monday afternoon.

He continued to tease West’s verses, saying, “I got some of the best Ye verses he ever said in his life,” while also confirming that the features are from Watch The Throne-era West.

Act II had briefly made its way to Tidal back in October before being taken off the music streaming service. The project’s release on Tidal came after it was leaked in its entirety online. Originally announced in 2009, Act II has been one of hip-hop’s great myths for the better part of the last decade, and a proper drop never did arrive. Instead, Jay Elec released A Written Testimony as his debut album at the top of 2020. Notably, A Written Testimony’s “Shiny Suit Theory” is the only song from Act II that made the rapper’s official debut, which has since earned a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album.

However, fans could see the album back online with West’s features, but that’s dependent on Jay Elec. Considering the Grammy nod for A Written Testimony, maybe he’ll celebrate the news by dropping Act II.

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