A big part of Jada Pinkett Smith’s humiliate-Will-as-much-as-I-can tour is her constant talk about her “soulmate” 2Pac, including a revelation that he asked her to marry him when he was locked up in Rikers.

So what would have happened if Pac wasn’t gunned down on that fateful 1996 day?

Here’s Jada discussing what the relationship between Will Smith and Tupac would be like.

“If Pac had survived Vegas, he and Will would have ended up being really good friends.  They would have had a lot to offer each other.  Funny enough, Will was the only person when I started dating him, Pac never said anything.  If I dated anyone else, Pac had something to say.  He didn’t think anyone was good enough.  Which I understand, right?  But when I started dating Will, he didn’t say anything.  Which meant to me, in his own way, he approved,” Jada said.

As for Will, here is his official statement on the manner:


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