YNW Melly is currently on trial for double murder in the killing of his crew members YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser.

Part of the prosecution’s strategy is to paint Melly as a gang member, more specifically a Blood.

In their attempt to do so, The Island Boys caught a stray.

An undercover cop who was called by the state to testify used the South Florida brothers as an example of what happens when you pretend to be a gang member.

“That happened to those two kids who were claiming Sex Money Murder.  The Island Boys.  Fun haircuts.  Claiming to be Sex Money Murder, which is a set of the Bloods, and they quickly got checked by every Blood that could find them on social media.  They then had to recant and apologize,” the cop said.

He added that Melly never had to apologize for claiming Blood because he really is one.


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