Playboi Carti released a video of himself being a good dad to his son Onyx, but his ex and the baby’s mother Iggy Azalea responded with a snide remark.

The clip shows Carti taking his son to places like the beach and Disney Land. He’s also seen watching Onyx perform onstage at a Christmas show.

But Iggy wasn’t very impressed.

“Its cool how you can fit damn near every visit into just one video 🤍  Talented!” she wrote.

This is far from the first time that Iggy spoke about her baby’s father negatively.

Back in 2020, she accused him of ditching their son on Christmas to attend his album release party with his mistress.  

Then earlier this year, she described their past relationship as “volatile.”

Carti has yet to respond to Iggy’s message about his dad video.


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