Nothing to see here humans dance music fans. This is nothing but a hardworking robot sharing its passion music with organic clubgoers. Read this article, watch the video, and carry on with your daily processing.

While we were celebrating the beginning 2018, a club in Prague, Czech Republic, celebrated New Year’s Day, 3018, as they’ve recently debuted their fully-robotic DJ. According to reports, the “DJ” can physically select records, scratch, and even dance.

Although the technology is amazing, will clubgoers choose to see a robot’s set over Carl Cox‘s? We doubt it, but we’d definitely pay good money to see a human DJ battle the robot. 

This is a great day for Skynet humanity. Now we no longer have to put obsolete humans behind the plates. This innovation means we can finally enjoy music with true mechanical precision. 

Photo credit: Kuka

H/t: Reuters

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