2017 was pretty wild year for Habstrakt considering the amount shows he played and the number tracks he released. He dropped one the biggest track that the dance music community has heard, which was his collaboration with Skrillex on “Chicken Soup”. Now, seems like he’s starting f 2018 with a bang as he just released his remix Vertebreaker by Herobust which came out on Mad Decent.

Uncle Habby’s remix is nothing but a masterpiece. There is just something about his tracks that gives you a full rundown his vision and what vibe he wants to give to a track. The remix starts with small brass stabs and the main vocal being whispered and as the song progresses toward the build up you can start feeling that something’s about to go down. The drop is pretty hard and will definitely make the crowd go wild with all those FM synths, saw stabs in the background, the pounding bassline and obviously the crisp clear drums. Habstrakt just proves again and again why he’s one the top NSD guy and one the finest in the game. This track will be for sure on repeat and will definitely find a cozy spot in your playlist. Check out the track below:

Also, do check out the full remix package if you haven’t already which includes an additional remix by none other than DJ 4B and a Move Mint VIP.  2018 seems to be f to a good start with the amount music that is coming out and we surely can’t wait for what more we have in store for us. Also do follow these artists on their socials to stay updated.

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