Suddenly, there is rap beef all over the place.

Gillie knows why.  And it’s not that exciting an explanation.

“Most of it be about a bitch.  Because the reality of it is all these n*ggas are super rich.  All these n*ggas money is longer than Broad Street … So it ain’t nothing to beef about other than a bitch.  You gotta understand, rap n*ggas are some of the most sensitive n*ggas in the country one it comes to bitches because they get to the city and meet a bitch and the bitch be a little chicken tender and they start f*cking with the bitch and they feel like this bitch is his.  No, this not your bitch.  This bitch waiting for Drizzy to come to town next week.  This bitch is waiting on Future in two weeks … these women aint’ for you, they for the game.  Most of these rap beefs that go on, be about a bitch.  Trust me.”

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