The only person happier about the demise of Puff Daddy than 50 Cent is Diddy’s former bodyguard Gene Deal, who’s been dragging Puff for years.

In a new interview, he claimed The Diddler wanted to hook his girl band Danity Kane on drugs and pimp them out.

In an older, recirculating interview, he claimed that Puff and Ja Rule got freaky in a hotel room.

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According to Deal, he saw Puffy buying butt plugs at an adult bookstore.

Later that day, Puff Ja Rule and a woman entered a hotel room with the butt plugs with Deal guarding the door.  Ja Rule’s cousin stopped by and tried to enter the room, but Deal wouldn’t let him.  That caused a commotion, and Ja and Diddy ran out half-naked.

When Deal told them what was going on, they said it was good that he didn’t let the cousin in because things had gotten “freaky.”


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