The interview Katt Williams did with Club Shay Shay has been the talk of the town this week.

During the chat, Williams slammed many of his contemporary comedians.  But one funny man he had kind words for was Gary Owen, whom he complimented for not selling out to be famous.

And by selling out, Williams includes gay stuff.

According to Williams, Harvey Weinstein “offered to suck my penis in front of all my people at my agency.” 

This sounds hard to believe, as such an offer didn’t seem like the disgraced movie mogul’s style.

Nevertheless, Owen backed Williams up on the Hollyweird casting couch going both ways.

“I’ve been in an awkward situation one time. I can’t say 100% that this person was trying to get me to do something, a casting couch-type deal, but it felt like it. I was like ‘is this that point where I’ve always heard would you suck a dick for a million dollars.’ I was in this room saying I’m about to answer this question and the answer was no,” Owens said. “I can’t say this is 100% that’s where this was going but it felt like it. You gotta be in the room to feel it and I was like this dude is really coming on to me. He will remain nameless but he was feeling me out. I made it very clear I like women.”


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