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I’ll be honest. I’m a Seattle Mariners fan. Watching the American League means I saw plenty David Ortiz killing Seattle pitching, among other things. Certain players regardless how much you despise their franchise, you can’t help but like and respect (pretty much how I feel about Lebron James). David Ortiz has been retired almost two years now, and like the rest us, it’s time to start that next chapter your life after you close one. The soon to be Hall Famer is no different. “Big Papi Needs A Job” follows David Ortiz as he hopes to start the next chapter his life. Even though I am sure most you are New York Yankees fans, here’s why you should watch Big Papi’s new Fusion series.

Reason 1: David Ortiz’s Personality

He is hunting for his new career, in Boston course. Why would he go anywhere else? Ortiz can’t really go anywhere without someone knowing his face or name. How he interacts with these people speaks volumes about the type person he is on and f the field. He really looks like he’s having a blast with these folks trying to teach him their craft.

Reason 2: People’s Reactions

The Boston fan base is probably the most loyal there is in all pressional sports. The people’s interactions with Ortiz almost adds them as the primary focus the show. You know what to really expect out Ortiz, he’s going to have fun regardless the situation. But, seeing how the people he has to interact with react to having David Ortiz in their shop/fice/etc. is priceless.

Reason 3: Educational

Now I don’t mean it’s like a Magic School Bus type educational, more so a “Dirty Jobs” Mike Rowe type educational. David Ortiz is taking an inside look at everyday jobs that are just normal everyday gigs. The first episode he goes from Berklee College Music as a musician to manicurist. So it appears this season he will have a wide range jobs to skim through before hopefully he lands where he belongs, on MLB TV.

Reason 4: Inside Look At David Ortiz

Not only does Big Papi work these normal everyday jobs, but he shows a small piece what it’s like to be one the biggest superstars in the town Boston. Lots autographs, and fan interactions. He appears to be on top the world in the city Boston. The throne though we all know belongs to Tom Brady.

Reason 5: Life After Baseball

Apparently a superstar, soon to be Hall Famer, looks for a normal everyday job. As if sitting on beaches for the rest his life isn’t enough. But, good for him for wanting to get out and do something low key in Boston. I mean nothing he will do will be low key just because his prile. Should be interesting if he actually chooses any one these jobs he’s going around doing.

David Ortiz is a sure fire Hall Famer. He’s not the first athlete to do something like this once his playing days were over. Just look over on CBS show The Amazing Race, Shawn Marion, former NBA All star is on the show, and still pretty deep in the race. So, to follow an athlete this magnitude for a show like this, is definitely one to keep an eye out for on the Fusion network.

“Big Papi Needs a Job” follows David “Big Papi” Ortiz, one the most decorated and beloved players in Red Sox history, as he embarks upon the post-baseball phase his life. The 10-part half-hour series follows the all-star as he seeks gainful employment ─ exploring a range different pressions ─ and sometimes learning not everything comes as natural to him as America’s favorite pastime. Watch on Fusion Wednesdays at 8 PM EST

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