Freeway Rick Ross did about 13 years for drug dealing.

He’s an author and motivational speaker these days.  TMZ caught up with him and asked how he thought Tory would handle his bid.

“He in the state.  The state could be rough. You know the feds is rough but the state is even rougher because you got different guys in the state than in the feds. You got guys who in there for robbery, sexual assault and stuff like that. So It’s a little different in the state, but hopefully Tory will be alright, man,” Ross said.  “Him being a foreigner and all, it’s definitely gon’ be a little different for him. Not having a clique that he runs with.  Could be some issues. Y’know, like with me, I didn’t really run with a particular gang, but the Hoovers always felt like they was supposed to protect me when I was in the joint.  By him not having it, could cause some issues … His background gonna be the biggest detriment to him, y’know, because guys are gonna think that he’s got money, and they also gonna be saying that he’s from another country and that he’s not from here. It could be rough on him.”

Ross added that he thinks Tory could pay his way out of his dilemma.

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