New York, NY – Fueled by the viral #DoTheShiggy challenge created by internet comedian Shiggy, Drake’s Scorpion track “In My Feelings” shot to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2018. Drizzy ultimately thanked the New York native with a substantial cameo in the official video for the track, in addition to some social media love.

Now it appears fellow East Coast rappers Casanova and Fabolous have plans to recruit Shiggy, and his viral magic, for free 99 to boost the new #ChoosyChallenge, spawned from Fab’s Summertime Shootout 3: Coldest Summer Ever track “Choosy”.

In a live video from his recent show, Fabolous is backstage with several notable figures such as Victor Cruz and Ryan Leslie, among others. Around the six-minute mark of the video, he and Casanova appear to press Shiggy for his services, requesting a post for the challenge. When the pair are met with a stiff request for payment, the mood in the room shifts as both rappers playfully make their case to Shiggy for the homie hook-up.

“I asked Shiggy to do a post for me,” Fab starts as he speaks directly to the camera.

“And he said he need some money from me — I posted this guy in 2015.”

Throughout the video, it all seemed to be fun and games within the group. Twitter, on the other hand, erupted with a flurry of messages shaming both Fabolous and Casanova for attempting to obtain free promotion from Shiggy.

Much like Casanova accuses Shiggy of doing the “In My Feelings” challenge for Drake, many utilized Drake as their hook and bridge explanation from why Shiggy was validated in his pursuits of a bag.

Others remarked that a single post from Fabolous nearly five-years ago doesn’t cut it, in regards to a favor for a favor.

Then there were the, “if the tables were turned,” facing tweets.

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