Ready to head out? Need a dope movie to see with the family? Bored with what’s in theaters right now?

So, you forgot to get early tickets to Black Panther, it’s not the end the world. Although, SHAME! Nah, it’s okay, trust me. There are other movies you can take your family to see. Early Man is just the movie to satisfy the urge for a good family film. This one looks like it could be a fantastic one for the kids, Wallace and Gromit styles. Here are five reasons you should get out to see Early Man when it comes out Friday, February 16! Make sure to read each reason and check out an early screening in select cities!]

Reason 1: Claymation

Whenever I see a film is made in claymation, it always catches my attention. It’s something about the time, effort and patience it requires to make a movie. Claymation has produced some classics like Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer all the way to The Nightmare Before Christmas. This one looks like it could head the route a Wallace and Gromit type fan base, just a gem. Give it a chance.

Reason 2: Family Movie

I know, I know, but be honest with yourself. If you have a family with small children are you seriously going to take them to a movie with drugs, sex and violence in it? The family movie brings everyone together almost all the time, and this one looks the part a good family movie. Don’t go in expecting Shrek, an adult style film disguised as a kids movie. Go in to this one looking to spend some quality time with the kids and your significant other. Or hell, if you’re a movie buff like me, break away from the norm and enjoy what appears to be a fun movie.

Reason 3: Underdog Storyk

Usually under dog stories are based on true stories, unless we’re talking Dodge Ball (still a classic) but it was funny to see the concept for this one. Cavemen lose their land to a higher class civilization. They decide to challenge the new civilization to a game soccer. Clearly they don’t have all the tools to train like the conquering civilization, but who cares! You fight and compete for something you love and believe in. Go check this one out to see if the cavemen can get their land back.

Reason 4: Tom Hiddleston

Yes, you read that right. Loki will be doing his best to stir up the villainy in this one. Although well outside the Marvel Universe, the talent this man possesses brings about a different light for this one. It shows there is something special about this particular animated film. I can’t imagine Hiddleston being in a place where a job is a job. He’s earned the right to take and turn down any script he wants. With this being similar to the great Wallace and Gromit flicks, I can imagine this being a good one. Scoop up the family and check this one out.

Reason 5: A Nick Park Creation

I know I’ve mentioned Wallace and Gromit a lot, but it’s built the same way. Early Man uses a lot the same humor it uses in the Wallace and Gromit series. The quick, subtle and dry humor the dialogue is something to be acknowledged. If you have seen any Nick Park’s work he thrives on quick-witted humor. So, when you see this one, pay attention. You could blink and miss a great joke. Slapstick humor is good and all but if the characters are cutting some good jokes, that makes up for a lot. Especially if they’re kid/family-friendly style.

I enjoy going to the movies as much as anyone. Anytime I can get my family in on one my passions, it makes the experience that much better in my opinion. If you want to miss out on the madness Black Panther is going to bring on February 16th, go see Early Man. I know you won’t regret it.

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