RealStreetRadio Premiere – Former Strange Famous Records artist Dope KNife is back with a new visual for “Basic instinct,” the fourth single off his latest album, Things Got Worse.

Produced by Dope KNife, the track features soaring keys and seductive vocals from Savannah, Georgia-based synth pop outfit Bero Bero.

“Right before I started recording the vocals for the album, I spent a week or two going over everything with Veronica [of Bero Bero] and just kinda added those final touches to everything musically, so she ended up being an integral part of how the whole project sounds,” he explains to RealStreetRadio. “I usually have a song that thematically deals with sex on every album.”

Dope KNife adds, “This one’s heavily inspired by the movie of the same name from back in the day. I just wanted there to be something a little repetitive and catchy on the album, so why not make that the sex song?”

Things Got Worse is available now on all streaming platforms Brick Records.

Check out the “Basic Instinct” video above and cop the album here.

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