Well, if you were at any major electronic music festival in the world in 2017, we’re pretty sure DJ Snake was one the headliners to feature on that bill. From headlining the likes Ultra and Tomorrowland and playing an array shows literally across the world, the year has been nothing short a mammoth success for the constantly ‘glared’ Frenchman. 

Going above and beyond himself seemed like the norm for him in 2017, not only with the new music he put out, including his latest “A Different Way” with Lauv and co-written by Ed Sheeran but also his live shows. Everyone knows how attached Snake is to his Parisian roots and the city in general, and he brought together a feat that has NEVER been done when he decided to take to a makeshift stage atop the famed Arc De Triomphe earlier this year!

In a whirlwind 3 minute recap video, Snake has summed up the year that was 2017 for him showcasing his many feats and jetsetting superstar DJ lifestyle. From ending the year in Asia to beginning 2018 halfway around the world in Australia, there seems to be no stopping the man. 

The video came with a short and simple message in French stating, “2017. Une Histoire Sans Fin. Thank You.” which roughly translates to “2017. A never ending story. Thank you.” And well, if there’s anything wrong with that translation, ‘Pardon My French!’

If the pace at which the video progresses is any indication how his 2018 is going to be or the plans he has for it, regardless to say he seems like he’ll be unstoppable! Also, on a side note, how many you think we’ll see Snake minus those signature glares in 2018? No? Thought as much!

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