Electronic music’s quintessential cruise festival Holy Ship! is in hot water this year (apologies if you have a distaste for puns).

First f, a ludicrous flyer which circulated on board went viral, that will either make you laugh or cringe. Maybe both.

The flyer obliged attendees to avoid fornicating with pizza. We cannot even imagine what happened to call for such an absurd PSA. But, knowing how wild “Ship Fam” can get, anything is possible on the Ship. Yes, attendees have a cult-like persona for their collective selves, which many will not fail to rub in your face.

Also, DJ Gina Turner, along with 2 dozen other people, was arrested for drug possession while boarding. Hit by 3 felony charges, one for cocaine and two for a controlled substance without a prescription, she was taken to Brevard County Jail with bail set at $3500.

In a now-deleted tweet, she denied the charges, claiming she only carried marijuana with a proper medical card. The other counts, she says, are false positive tests for natural vitamins. Read below to see her ficial stat

The 34 year old New York-based producer, a regular on the Ship, was scheduled to perform on both weekends the festival.

In the aforementioned tweet, she also said that she would return next weekend. So Holy Ship! 11.0 attendees can rest easy if they are looking forward to seeing her perform or want to take part in her group yoga sessions.

Holy Ship! 10.0 set sail on January 6th and docks on January 10th. The 11.0 edition takes f for a second round fun from January 11th-13th. The festival features some electronic music’s best performers, along with secret sets and special b2b’s you can only expect on the Ship.

H/T: Billboard

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