Puff Daddy’s former bodyguard, Gene Deal, has been warning us about The Diddler for years.

Some of his more far-fetched tales — like when he caught Diddy and Ja Rule getting freaky with butt plugs –– ring more true in light of recent revelations.

These revelations have also led the feds to investigate Puff for sex trafficking, which could lead to a massive prison sentence.

If he ends up being charged, Deal has made it clear it will be happy to testify against his old boss.

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“I get all kinds of hate mail, IG’s, talking about that I am trying to take a Black man down. No, I went through every step you are supposed to go through when you got an issue with a man. By him doing the things he did, and taking the avenue he took, he’s suffering the consequences, and I don’t feel bad at all,” he while explaining to The Art Of Dialogue why he ready to take the stand.”

Deal was with Puff during the beginning of Bad Boy, so he would know where the bodies are buried.  (So to speak, we think.)

He also believes Diddy may kill himself rather than face life in prison.


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