The holidays are long gone and more than likely you didn’t get everything on your wishlist. From handheld video game consoles to smartphone technology, the gadget world continues to change daily and SOHH’s had the pleasure checking out a pair Wanna pair for yourself? CLICK HERE!]“>Phiaton BT 460 headphones that’ll make up for your lackluster holiday treasures. Peep our top five reasons this is the bounce-back gift you need right now!

1. Phiaton’s BT 460 Comfort Level

Did The Holidays Really Suck? 5 Reasons You Should Treat Yourself W/ Phiaton: BT 460 Headphones –

The first and probably biggest reason these $199 headphones are worth your time and effort are due to the immense comfort level you experience immediately after putting them on. Once you take these mouthwatering headphones out the packaging, you can feel the st cushion surrounding the right and left ear speaker. And regardless which color blows you away the most – white or black – you can expect the same amount comfort on both. One the bigger things you can appreciate is the size them. While the fit promptly atop your head, your ears are in for amazing comfort as they not only cover them but really cushion perfectly to block outside noise and also serve as your own ear muffs during this blistering cold weather. Wanna pair for yourself? CLICK HERE!]

2. Stylish AF

Did The Holidays Really Suck? 5 Reasons You Should Treat Yourself W/ Phiaton: BT 460 Headphones –

The second reason these headphones should be worth your time is because their overall look. These aren’t your $19.99 Wal-Mart headphones. They simply look amazing from the moment you pop them onto your head until you have to take them f. Let’s face it, with social media and notably Snapchat/Instagram Stories as popular as they are, there rarely are moments you aren’t showing yourself f. Raise eyebrows with a pair headphones which can complement any outfit and easily tuck away when you’re traveling. Wanna pair for yourself? CLICK HERE!]

3. Bluetooth 2018

Did The Holidays Really Suck? 5 Reasons You Should Treat Yourself W/ Phiaton: BT 460 Headphones –

The third thing we could not get enough is the Bluetooth factor. Once again, you have to seriously look at how technology is changing in 2018. TV sets are getting replaced iPad and tablets. How about going onto your laptop or desktop? Why, when you have your smartphone with even more capabilities and works as its own functioning laptop? The bottom line is things are different and for the better as technology advances. Hence, the Bluetooth factor. The days having to stay connected to your devices are over. Getting our review unit during the holidays, we traveled in and out New York City, took a plan halfway across the nation and much more without ever finding any inconvenience with the Phiaton BT 460 headset. These practically become a part your wardrobe, to the point where you don’t go out without them. Simply connect your headphones, wirelessly, to your smartphone or tablet and you’re connected every time you turn the headset on. Wanna pair for yourself? CLICK HERE!]

4. The Control

Did The Holidays Really Suck? 5 Reasons You Should Treat Yourself W/ Phiaton: BT 460 Headphones –

A fourth huge reason for us to get all gooey and gushy over these headphones is ab-SOHH-lutely because the touch interface. We can’t begin to tell you how much pleasure we received controlling the headset from a simple swipe our fingers. This means you can tuck your smartphone away in your pocket, book bag or anywhere else and have the ease controlling what you’re hearing, adjusting the volume or even making a phone call by adjusting the outer ear cup. If you’re about that bawwwwwwwse life, you’re going to want to start making bawwwwwwwse moves and it begins with how your headphones work. Wanna pair for yourself? CLICK HERE!]

5. The Technology

Did The Holidays Really Suck? 5 Reasons You Should Treat Yourself W/ Phiaton: BT 460 Headphones –

The fifth and probably geekiest thing we love about these headphones is just how tech-savvy and tech-ready they are. Once again, these aren’t just a pair headphones you toss on your head to transmit music. No, these are game-changers, lifestyle enhancers and – simply said – dope AF headphones which give life new meaning. It really all boils down to the tech. The Everplay-X feature allows you to continue calling or listening to your music, even if the battery runs out or your audio device is not Bluetooth compatible. Then you have the aptX Technology which increases digital streaming efficiency and improves overall dynamic range. Still need more? How about the bass optimizer which is Phiaton’s “Acoustic Pressure Balancer” technology which helps reduce the reverberation and deliver well-balanced and accurate sound with powerful bass. The technology Phiaton continues to deliver is groundbreaking and it cements itself as a company you can put your trust into. Wanna pair for yourself? CLICK HERE!]

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