Denzel Curry had a busy overnight on Twitter coming into Tuesday (November 24). As Birdman once famously said, the Florida-bred rapper is looking for everyone to put some respect on his name.

On Monday night (November 23), Curry took aim at the music industry’s games and who it chooses to reward. Arguably the most jarring portion of his rant came when he told the world he actually isn’t into rapping these days.

“I hate rapping,” he wrote. “I watched my hobby that I did in my room become something I can’t even enjoy anymore because everyone has a opinion.”

Curry evidently doesn’t feel the same “spark” he once did from music. The industry’s antics and fame have made him numb to the organic creative process he possesses. With that said, Zel still feels downplayed when it comes to his musical influence.

“I’m one of the greatest influences in music period,” he boldly stated.

The frustration has been bubbling for Curry, who’s been more open about his personal life and letting whatever’s on his mind fly on Twitter throughout the fall.

“This music industry is bullshit,” Zel continued. “I gotta play a stupid game for me to succeed it’s not about the music anymore if it was you’ll hear a balance of conscious rap along with everything else being played today.”

Even when a fan tried to say he inspired Drake’s movement, Curry quieted the notion but said the 6 God has come up to him in the past to tell him he’s a fan of his music.

“That’s actually is cap,” he wrote. “But Drake told me straight up he’s a fan.”

The former Raider Klan member closed out by saying he plans to level-up with the best music of his career and do it without anyone’s help before retiring and going to start a family.

Curry expects his Zuu follow-up to be mainly a feature-free effort. His most recent project came in the form of a collaborative EP with Kenny Beats back in February titled Unlocked.

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