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Will Schube still can’t believe Larry David got Salman Rushdie to say ‘fatwa sex’ on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

I am too old to rave (TOTR), but if some faceless Brooklyn Mirage DJ signed a contract guaranteeing that he’d play Daktyl and Benni Ola’s “Matrix,” I would simply have to pop a molly and open up the Uber app. I’ve got a 4.92 star rating…finding a ride won’t be a problem.

“Matrix” is the opening cut from Daktyl and Ola’s Chaos Theory, Pt. 1 EP, out now via TOKiMONSTA’s Young Art Records. There are a handful of artists I trust implicitly (I should really make a list of stuff like this), and TOKi is right up there. But co-signs only take you so far, and the UK-bred Daktyl and Ola offer up a dynamic blend of bass-heavy club music and thoughtfully sketched half-spoken musings on everything from being a little bit crazy to preferring the towels warm and the drinks cold. Don’t f*ck up the order. In short, this is a very good bundle of songs.

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Ola’s vocals are plenty satisfactory, but Daktyl’s production steals the show. The opening cut takes an obscure, almost haunted vocal sample and loops it before cutting the lights and introducing a bass-heavy synth and metallic percussion that almost serves as a melodic supplement. There’s an interlude highlighted by a beautiful vocal line from Ola that leads to the drop hitting harder when he goes back to the half-rap flow – then the bass resumes by punching you in the chest again and again.

Daktyl eventually introduces a melody played on steel drums and it’s the rare heat check that goes in. These are straight swishes, a less-than-12-minute example of an artist finding a collaborator perfectly suited to their vision. This isn’t Jordan and Pippen, but Daktyl and Benni Ola have put the league on notice.

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