Earlier this week, Blueface offered Chrisean Rock 100K plus expenses to abort their child.

“I got 2 kids an 1 bm for a reason I don’t just have kids with anybody I’m real particular about the women I have children with I don’t play about my kids an their well being nurture an care rock don’t even take care of me like a women should an I’m a grown man imagine a new born,” he typed.  “physically fighting on the red carpet throwing the first punch after announcing a pregnancy is clearly not mentally fit to put their pride to the side for the better meant of their child that was the first red flag for me I only like blue flags it’s been a no for me.  Bitch at the club every night shaking ass  pregnant I promise It’s been a no for me,” he typed on Twitter.  “I’m cock blocking a pregnant bitch lmao please do it pretty please I’ll pay fr 100k cash an the fees.”

Rock responded to that by claiming Blue missed her.


“No I’m just being honest u gotta miss me we literally tweeting back and forth like hey Daddy wassup. Besides all dat you doing u must miss me u literally typing on your phone to communicate to me,” she wrote. “at dis point I can’t wait to love on u wen I see u.”

Later on, she did concede that Blue had blocked her.  So he might not miss her that much.


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