There’s been a lot made about Chloe Bailey taking on a sexy image after going solo.

For a while now, she’s been posting thirst-trap photos and wearing revealing outfits on the red carpet. 

The singer appeared in a raunchy sex scene in  Donald Glover’s “Swarm” as well and received a bunch of criticism for it.

So, Bailey said she’s no longer handling her Twitter account, because the backlash has gotten so severe.

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“When you see me tweeting, it’s because I’ll say [to my handlers], ‘Oh, tweet this for me.’ Or, I’ll be like, ‘send me any viral tweets or anything you think I should respond to or you know I’d want to. Send it my way because you know I won’t see it,’” she told ET Canada. 

“I love all social media, and I love Twitter as well, but that’s where you can see all the negative things about you directly in your face ,” added Bailey. “If I see my name trending, I’d click it and see a whole plethora of negative tweets about myself. I don’t need to do that to myself. I feel that when you continue to be fed the same thing, you’ll start to believe it. And I started changing myself based off what I thought people’s opinions were of me. That’s not Ok.”


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