US-based rapper-producer Chief Moquiuix has released his latest singles and music videos titled “Irrational,” “Buenoz Diaz,” “Los Vagos” and “Radicalism.” Moquiuix’ epic flow is undoubtedly the clear highlight of these new releases, delivered with full impact from start to finish. 

His artist name, pronounced Mo-key-Weesh, dates back to the ancient Toltecs of Mexico, and means the intoxicated Shaman. From SouthEast San Diego & West Las Vegas, Chief Moquiuix has become a master at connecting with his audience, thanks to a mysterious mystical musical conjuring and lyrical literature.

The indie producer-rapper’s ambition is to make knowledge a trend and bring the power in the listener’s hands. His deep ties to his ancestral roots is one of the elements found in his music that provides perspective in hopes to bring people together. 

He explains his vision: “because the cultural divide is stronger now more than ever. We need to love, respect, and lift one another. Music is a universal language of the souls. Almost a form of telepathy. Through the vibrations in the ether, one can move stone to build everlasting structures. I’ve always been a fanatic of ancient civilizations and how they worshipped the stars. I’m a firm believer that the ancient pyramids across the world were constructed through some kind of sonic force.”

Set to appeal to both connoisseurs of the genre and mainstream listeners alike, Moquiuix’ is an eclectic artist who thinks that  “in these crucial times, the hip-hop world needs a wake up call. The culture has become a paradigm of blissful ignorance and radicalism to desire riches when most of us die wishing.”

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