Anti-gang advocate Charleston White is proud to work with law enforcement.

His collaboration with the police recently bore fruit when he was able to aid them in locking up three goons from Chicago’s O-Block who had ventured down to Atlanta.


“I’m going to make a confession, I’ve been keeping this a secret. I put three O-Block members in jail.  I swear to God. I got three O-Block n*ggas in an Atlanta jail.  I’m going to show y’all the booking numbers and everything,” White said, and then did. “I’m the police for real … They just didn’t give me a badge.  I’m gonna to put enough n*ggas in jail that they gonna give me a badge.”

White went on to brag that the none of three men were able to get bail.

“I’m doing a good job making arrests,” White added.  “I got the long arm of the law.”

While it used to be snitches get stitches, now they just get paid.


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