Cam’ron isn’t done responding to Melyssa Ford, who accused him of possibly sleeping with underage girls when he told a story about visiting a brothel with Ma$e in the ’90s.

She made the accusation on a recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, then apologized.

But Cam still went off on her earlier this week and said he’d get her deported since she’s Canadian.

He then posted another message on Thursday, December 7, and made a scathing accusation.


“I could’ve went straight to Ice-T f*cked you in the bathroom for $2,000 when you was doing waitressing,” said Cam. “I didn’t even go there. You used to f*ck in the bathroom at the Kit Kat Club or one of them old-ass clubs. Stop, you a video vixen.”

In another part of the video, the Dipset rapper said he might sue The Joe Budden Show for defamation of character because Ford’s accusation wasn’t edited out.

Cam also wanted to make it clear that he and Ma$e were teenagers when they visited that brothel.

“First of all, I only like older bitches,” he said. “Second of all, it was 1992, we were underage. I just turned motherf*cking 16.”


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