Former NBA player Ben Gordon has been in what appears to be a mental health crisis for the last several years.

Cam’Ron was on the scene in December when Gordon lost his mind in Harlem.

“It’s ya boy Killa Cam, reporting for It Is What It Is Talk, outside of Harlem Hospital where former NBA player and Sixth Man of the Year Ben Gordon seems to be having some mental issues. Trying to stab people. Weapon of choice? Sewing needles,” Cam said.

“Mental health is no joke,” he added.

Gordon didn’t much appreciate the mockery and lashed out at Cam on the Jig is Up podcast.

“To think a grown man drove from where he was to come mock — f*ck outta here, man. That n*gga silly. Yo look, libel slander is a real thing, man. My lawyers is lawyering,” Gordon said.

Cam posted the clip and had a message for Ben.

“U gotta it champ I don’t know where ya mind is at but there will be No one on one’s with me and you in NO WAY. Pause. Im frightened and afraid. I got ya message loud and clear and I will have you institutionalized if necessary. Sorry Ben Ben,” Cam captioned.

He’s kidding, but getting someone institutionalized sounds a lot worse than snitching.


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