UPDATE: Dirtybird Campout has announced that the situation has been resolved and the gates are ficially re-opened!

Dirtybird Campout‘s debut east coast event was scheduled to kick f today in St. Cloud, Florida, but the summer camp themed festival has run into some unexpected first year obstacles. The festival organizers took to social media today to announce that they have been forced to keep the gates closed until further notice. 

A series noise complaints have been raised against the fledgling festival by local residents, presumably stemming from yesterday’s early arrival party with Seth Troxler. Further details aren’t available at this time, but the event organizers are working with local authorities to address the situation appropriately.

Dirtybird Campout has recommended that festival goers who are not already on site hold f on traveling to the event until further notice. For those already on site, non-musical activities will commence throughout the day. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available. 

In the meantime, you can read Dirtybird Campout’s full statement below. 

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