Blueface wanted to make the point that he will smack a bitch just like he will a dude.

So he Tweeted this.


“My hands is bisexual for anybody who feel a typa way get up with me,” Blue typed.

One could see how that could confuse people.

Apparently, it confused a good chunk of the LGBTQ community.

Ever since i tweeted my hands bisexual its been a lot of LGBTQ sh*t going on in my DM that’s not what I meant cuz,” Blue typed.  “Please stop sending me gay s*it I respect the LGBTQ community y’all went from a minority to majority thats a hell of a accomplishment you welcome to love who ever you want but don’t bring dat over here please respectfully.”

Blue added that his inbox has been spammed with gay images.

That’s what you get for hitting girls.


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