The anticipation for Black Panther is now at an all-time high. The advance ticket sales are already historic. The Black Panther The Album released today and stands as quite possibly one the best movie soundtracks – ever – with Kendrick Lamar and Top Dawg Entertainment executive producing. It’s only right to take a moment and dig into why Black Panther is way bigger than just another Marvel Studio release.

We are one week out from Black Panther coming to theaters. It took me a while to realize why this movie is more than just a Marvel Studios flick. For a while I kept asking the question ‘Why did we forget about Wesley Snipes’ Blade series so quickly? Why not the uproar then?’ My wife explained it in a way that was perfect.

This isn’t just about a superhero like Blade was. This is about a film that brings to light the beautiful African culture.

How many movies have been made in this country glorifying our roots?

Granted Wakanda is a fictional place, but it’s location and how the hero is a strong, smart black man brings a new light for the younger generation who can see a hero that looks like them. I, for one, am over the top about this one because once I saw the introduction T’Challa (Black Panther) in Captain America: Civil War, it was perfect.

Chadwick Boseman had everything we all were looking for as the character. He was T’Challa. I can’t imagine anyone else in that role now.

This is not just another entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Black Panther is a sign to everyone change is here. Everyone is excited about this film. Some for different reasons other than it’s the last MCU entry before The Infinity War in May.

It’s a sign hope, hype and pride according to the New York Times. And that’s the best way to sum it up. I haven’t been this excited for a film since the last Quentin Tarantino installment. This is a special time to be a movie fan.

Help make this one the biggest opening in history SOHH readers. I’ll be getting my screening Thursday night. Hope you’re there as well.

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