Benny the Butcher and Griselda have made a name for themselves spitting over boom bap beats. 

But Benny said he’ll be going with a different sound for his new Hit-Boy produced album called Everybody Can’t Go.

“NO…my album won’t be loaded up with boom bap beats…I did that already…the sound watered down too much y’all can have that sh*t,” he tweeted. “I’m talkin all this sh*t but the beats  that are boom bap are OD boom bap ? I did everything on this album … Any rapper who we’ve every considered top 5 did both.”

One of Benny’s fans then said people can just listen to his old stuff if they want to hear him over boom bap beats.

“Right…they gon say it sound the same anyway…switch it up to hey cry too so f*ck em…EVERYBODY CANT GO,” he responded to that person.

The new album drops on August 11, and it’ll be Benny’s first LP on Def Jam

Do you think he’s helping or hurting his brand by switching up his sound?


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