It’s no secret that the crowd at Holy Ship! know how to have a good time.

The notoriously rowdy partiers, who have coined themselves Ship Fam, are known for their sunrise to sunset party habits when they set sail each January for the dance-music friendly Holy Ship! cruise. Although rave culture is all about letting your freak flag fly, it seems as though the staff at Norwegian Cruise Lines have a hard line stance when it comes to fornicating with food.

Yup, food.

Although we can all appreciate a good pizza party, according to a PSA posted by Norwegian Cruise Line staff, the party stops when someone tries to have sex with th pizza.

I swear, we’re not making this up. Read the PSA below:

Apparently at Holy Ship! It's Highly Frowned Upon to Have Sex With Pizza

Holy Ship! set sail 10.0 set sail on January 6th and docks on January 10th. The 11.0 edition takes f for a second round fun from January 11th-13th.

H/T: YourEDM

Cover photo courtesy Holy Ship!

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