With pop culture, sports, entertainment and hip-hop making up the majority social media, SOHH talks to personalities from all fields to get random takes on anything and everything in “5 W’s With …” Hip-hop veteran and New York native Mysonne joins the convo to talk about everything from Kim Kardashian‘s nude Instagram takeover and JAY-Z‘s Grammys snub to the Cleveland Indians’ plans to remove Chief Wahoo from their uniforms.

1. Who – do you feel belongs on XXL’s Freshman 2018 list?

My opinion the XXL Freshman class is it appears to only appeal to one demographic and one particular style and genre music. It doesn’t appeal to everyone. Most those artists have similarities. I also think Don Q should definitely be on the Freshman list and you know it is an injustice that he’s not there! He should’ve been there last year but I’ve lost all faith in the XXL Freshman class. There was a time when I just had decided to pretty much boycott it so I’m not surprised at the lack diversity or lack what I will call talent in the class.

2. What – do you think DJ Scratch’s comments about the Grammys possibly being fearful JAY-Z’s 4:44 success/message and TIDAL for why he went winless? You’ve voiced your thoughts and we’d love to see what you think.

I think DJ Scratch‘s comments on why JAY-Z didn’t receive any Grammys was accurate. They pretty much mirror the statements I made about the Grammys. I just believe that it is disrespectful that an artist JAY-Z’s stature, résumé and with the body work he released, for the Grammys not to recognize the significance that album to our culture is an atrocity! What we have to do is stop looking for the Grammys to validate our music and create respectable platforms that celebrate us in the manner in which we deserve, hip-hop that is!

3. Where – do you stand in the attention models – especially Kim Kardashian – get from becoming famous for nude/NSFW pics? Do you feel like they’re expressing themselves or making giants like Instagram low quality?

I believe that we all have the right to express ourselves in any manner we see fit, and if a woman such as Kim Kardashian sees it fit to show her body as her expression then so be, but understand that you cannot control how people respond to your expression. Understand that some may see it as distasteful, some might think less you and just as it is your choice to represent yourself the way you want to, it is someone’s choice to have an opinion about the way that you represent yourself. Instagram is a platform no moral compass, anything for views. So nothing can make it worse than it already is.

4. When – do you think streaming will ultimately knock out cable and possibly the record industry as we know it?

I think the streaming will ultimately take over. I think the radio is already pretty much obsolete and everything else is moving in that direction because people want instant gratification. Streaming gives them instagratification, it gives them the ability to binge watch, to listen to whatever they want to listen to when they want to listen to without restriction and that is the area we are in when people want to be gratified immediately. It also gives artists complete control their music and instant access to their money. Yeah all these companies are on the way out!

5. Why – do you think the Cleveland Indians finally decided to scrap their Chief Wahoo logo and will there be more pressure on the Washington Redskins to change up their image?

I think its way overdue! It’s similar to having Lil sambo as a logo! It’s disrespectful and hurtful to a nation people who have already experienced horrific crimes against them, right here on land that was taken from them. I think the Redskins should be changing that logo as we speak!

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